Thai X-ing

In my quest for a decent Thai place in D.C., I stumbled upon Thai X-ing ($$) on because of its rave reviews. I was intrigued and decided to check out the place with a few friends. We went to the restaurant and were happily surprised when we realized that this place is actually a man's home. There are two small tables, and the kitchen is visible where the owner, a Thai man, is the only chef. Unfortunately, the place was booked seeing as he could only cook one dish at a time and we would have had to wait hours, so we agreed to order take out in the future.

Tonight we made the trek out to Howard University to pick up take out (even though we would have loved to eat in his living room, we had to study). We ordered Shrimp Panang Curry, the Pad King Tofu, and a Chicken Stir Fry. We arrived and he poured out all of the dishes right from the stove, because he had just finished making them. The curry was so creamy and spicy, we scarfed it down. The Pad King Tofu came with fried tofu, fresh ginger,onions, black mushrooms, in a bean sauce. It was tasty, although light on the bean sauce. The Chicken Stir Fry with Chinese broccoli, onions, and sauce was also very good. Our take out was served in banana leaves, which was a nice touch.
Panang Curry (a spicy peanut, basil, and thai curry sauce) with Shrimp, Red Peppers, and Snow Peas

This authentic gem is well worth going. Next time, I hope to eat at the actual restaurant. It's right near the Howard University metro, so it's convenient!

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