J'adore Adour!

I have been excited for weeks about going to renowned chef, Alain Ducasse's, DC restaurant Adour. For those of you who don't know who Alain Ducasse is, he was the chef at the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower and he owns a numbers of restaurants around the world. My friend, Kelsey, and I made a reservation weeks ago to catch the low prices during Restaurant week. Adour filled up so quickly that they extended their restaurant week special for another week. Dressed in our finest, we entered the extravagant and well decorated restaurant located in the St. Regis Hotel in downtown D.C. I was slightly intimidated by the upscale crowd and finely trimmed waiters, but eventually relaxed in my white cushioned chair. From the hostess, to the table presentation, to the overall appearance of the restaurant- there was a great attention to detail.
Inside Seating with White Cushioned Chairs
We excitedly reviewed the menu, and both decided to start with the Sunchoke Parmentier Soup with Bacon Foam. A sunchoke is a cross between a potato and a sunflower seed. The sunchokes were pureed with presumably a heavy cream and seasoning. The waiter served our bowls with two spoonfuls of foam, crispy bacon bits, and small croutons. Immediately I thought to myself, That's all I get?, but the waiter proceeded to pour the pureed soup, from a vase, over the foam right in front of me. The soup was absolutely mouth-watering. I scraped every last bit from the bottom of my bowl. The bacon foam complemented the sunchokes perfectly, and the crunchy croutons and bacon were nice little surprises.
Sunchoke Parmentier Soup with Bacon Foam and Croutons
Our next course was grilled hangar steak medallions, with Yukon gold potatoes and wilted spinach. The presentation was very well put together, as the rare steak was topped with a creamy horseradish sauce and the potatoes had some type of onion topping. The steak was perfectly seasoned and it was delicious with the horseradish sauce. The potatoes and spinach were also very well done.
Steak Medallions with Horseradish Topping, Yukon Gold Potatoes, Spinach
Finally- the dessert. We ordered a coffee cremieux with a Marsala Sauvignon sauce. It essentially was a dark chocolate covered coffee mousse with whipped cream in the center. The dessert was superb. The consistency was so light and fluffy that it melted in your mouth. The flavors blended very well together, and there was the strong liquor sauce on the side that wonderfully accompanied the dark chocolate.
Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Mousse with Marsala Sauvignon Sauce
From the service, to the decor, to the food- Adour was fantastic.

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