Vietnamese Deli: Song Que

Anthony Bourdain recommended this Vietnamese deli in Virginia called Song Que. It is a mini market that is fun to browse because of the random foods ranging from Asian candies to pork skins to bean paste patties. There was a selection of sticky rice- including corn flavored (it tasted like cornbread in rice form), bean, taro root, and banana.
Candies, Bean Patties, and Meats on display in the store
There is a deli where they are reputed for their sandwiches and bubble tea. I went with my friends, and I got the Grilled Pork Sandwich. The best part was the price- three dollars! The sandwich was on a roll with the grilled pork, sliced cucumbers, carrots, onions, jalapenos, cilantro, and mustard. It definitely had a spicy kick to it with the jalapenos.
Grilled Pork Sandwich

I also got a Mango Bubble Tea. I'm usually not the biggest bubble tea fan, but this was like a slushy smoothie so I decided to try it. It was funny because the bubble tea cost the same price as the sandwich. It was pretty good! I think it could have been a little more mango-ey.

For dessert, my friend Katherine bought a box of coconut butter biscuits for the table. Light and delicious!

Overall, a must go! Even if you don't like Vietnamese food- it's worth a try. It's kind of far from the metro (East Falls Church), so I wouldn't recommend going here when it's cold unless you have a car.

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