New Restaurant in Town..Siroc

Now, I can not say enough good things about Siroc. This contemporary Italian restaurant is out of this world. The ambiance was simple and classic, and the wait staff was very nice. I went with Tyler for Restaurant Week in DC (35$ for 3-course dinner, 20$ for 3 course lunch), and we savored every last bite.
All of their pasta is freshly made
(picture is from Siroc's website- see link above)
I was tempted to order from the original menu because of the ravioli filled with lobster, chervil, and roasted fennel with a sweet corn sauce. Also, the Veal Ossobuco served over Parmesan polenta sounded delicious. I will have no problem paying the 30 dollars for one of these meals in the future- but tonight, we stuck with the 3 course menu.

At the table, they bring you fresh foccacia with olive oil. For the appetizers, we split an arugula salad with Gouda cheese, poached pear, pine nuts, and a black pepper vinaigrette. The vinaigrette is true to it's name as it was very peppery, but as long as you eat it along with the pear to give it a sweet and salty contrast it is fine. We also split the appetizer of Rabbit and Black Truffle Sausages served over Parmesan polenta. I licked the plate clean off of this appetizer- it was amazing and I highly recommend it if you come.
Handmade Black Truffle and Rabbit Sausages served over Parmesan Polenta
For dinner, we split two courses: Gnocchi with a braised lamb, carrot, and tomato sauce and a Beef Tenderloin with string beans and a garlic potato puree. Both dishes were incredible. The gnocchi was light and fluffy with the perfect amount of sauce on top. The beef was the most tender cut of meat I have ever eaten, perfectly seasoned, and perfectly complimented the sides. It was a little rare for my taste- but none the less, delicious.

For dessert, we had a chocolate covered tiramisu and poached pears with ginger ice cream. Both dishes lived up to the other meals as they were superb. The tiramisu was fluffy and came with an orange nectar sauce on the side. The pear was soaked in a thick sweet liquor and complimented the ice cream perfectly.
Chocolate covered Tiramisu
Overall, an A +. This restaurant is new in town, and lucky for us not many people know about it yet so it was no problem getting a reservation. I have a feeling that will change in the upcoming weeks when the word spreads, so reserve quickly!!


  1. I completely agree about Siroc - best new restaurant in the city.

  2. Best new restaurant in the city. Chef Martin was very gracious and spent time at our table explaining how he developed some of the dishes. If you don't give it a try you are missing out on the best Italian food in the city. (Try the pasta, very light and tasty)

  3. If you have had the pleasure of traveling to Italy to sample the local restaurants and returned home to realize that nothing compared you will be amazed to find this gem right here in DC. The food at Siroc brings back fond memories and a few of the menu items surpass the many flavors that we experienced in Italy. Good luck to the chef and staff and keep up the good work.

  4. Best Italian restaurant in the city. Pasta was as good as dishes we had in Italy. Chef Martin is one of the best chefs in the city and should be rewarded. Wait staff was very attentive. I've dined at Siroc's at least a dozen times and have never been disappointed.